Content - B.Pharmacy

  • Upon completion of the program, graduates shall
  1. Discharge the Professional roles of pharmacists with adequate understanding of their responsibilities as needed in this multidisciplinary health care system.
  2. Plan, design, execute, stimulate experiments and provide solutions related to drugs and dosage forms.
  3. Integrate the knowledge base of pharmaceutical services and practice for better design of drugs and dosage regimen.
  4. Communicate effectively to other health care providers and patients with professional standards, ethics and social responsibilities.
  5. Become a lifelong learner to absorb new technologies and thus offer leadership role in the profession.

To be a core for brilliance in Pharmaceutical sciences for education, training, collaborative research and ethical learning with a focus on universal health care arena.

  1. Imparting value-based quality education in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  2. To produce self-motivated, self-reliant and socially perceptive budding pharmacists well-versed with the knowledge of   Industry, Academia and Research areas.
  1. Provide quality education with contemporary research facilities.
  2. Expand research deeds in new ways and emerging fragments.
  3. To develop Industry-academia connects to fill the space between academia and industry.
  4. To inculcate students drug testing insights by training them in regulatory aspects.
  5. To turn out adequate skilled graduates in pharmacy profession.